Student work from 2005 to 2008
Digital Imaging
'Living Picture' Exhibition
Daniel's Digital Album
Class on the move 1 | On the move 2
Fremont Park 2006 | 2005
Civic Centre 2005
Andrews Farm Wetlands 2005 by Wayne
Carisbrooke Park 2005 by Debbie

2008 Intro Art Class Homage to Tanguy
2008 Drawing Class Student Self Portraits
Portraits 2007 | Drawing2006 | Intro Art 2006
Sculptures by Hacer
A dabble with some century old modernism
Guitars! Compositions in black and white.
Dane's 'Bullet Tram'
Forced to work in teams on a Mural

Graphic Design

Web Design
My Top 5 Books Gillian
Historic Playford Chris
My Top 5 Composers Peter
My Top 5 Movies:
| Damon | Deb | Janette | Josie | Richard | Rose | Wayne
My top 5 Albums:
Chris | Lorraine | Phil
My Top 5 Authors Jeff

Case Studies
Audio Podcasts from
CGI 1 and CGI2 from
Rhine and Moselle Tour

Student work from 2010
2010 Multimedia
Intro to Multimedi: Conference Room Photo Suite
Digital Imaging: Vintage 78 recordings brought to life!
Virtual Albums by Treva | Alan | Robert | Kelly | Michelle
Computer Graphics: Heavy Metal! | EXPLOSION!
Web Design: Michael | Kathy | Bridget | Graham | Nathan | Chris | Doug
Drawing: Self Portraits | Cartoons by Ross | 'Triptych' by Suzanne | Wayne | Colleen | Betty | Anne
Student work from 2009
2009 Digital Imaging
Web Albums:
Robert | Jazmine | Ida
Digital Imaging : Spring | Diptych
Intro Multimedia Flash Albums

2009 Web Design
My Top 5 Beatle Hits Richard
Adelaide Highland Pipe Band Gerry
Top fishing spots Adam
Skate shop Pat
Exit 3 Graham
Shevington Kennels Beth
Native plants for food and medicine Pat
Sailor Moon Leeanne
Fire Retardant Plants Michael

2009 Art

Resources: Tasks Activities Outlines
David Stoeckel's PWAC Intranet from 2010 covering:
SACE1 Art Semester
Intro Graphic Design Semeseter
Intro Multimedia Semester
VET Digital Imaging Semester
VET Web Design Semester

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